Welcome to SRF!


Welcome to Southern Ridge Farm! We are a family owned and operated farm that currently raises all natural, grass fed beef and lamb. We have been farming since 2004 and have also offered chicken, pork, and seasonal turkey in the past, and hope to be adding those to our offerings again soon.

Our farm is located halfway between Spring Hill and Columbia, Tennessee, n
estled in a tiny valley with gently rolling hills, springs and creeks, and a nice steep ridge that borders the south side of our farm. That’s kind of how we came up with the name, but there’s more meaning to it than just geography. We’ve been blessed with a Southern heritage that runs deep, and we look forward to passing that and all it means along to our children.

That heritage comes into play in all that we do on the farm, and all that we do for you. We raise our animals naturally, letting them graze to their hearts’ content. No added growth hormones here. They do not grow up in conditions that require the use of antibiotics, and no preservatives are added during processing. We believe that a natural, stress-free environment makes for a happy, healthy animal. That in turn makes for robust flavor and pleasing texture in your steaks and roasts.!

We also aim to make your shopping experience with us easy and enjoyable. Order online, give us a call, or come by our booth at the farmers markets. Our goal will be to quickly and efficiently take care of your shopping with the personal touch that comes from doing business with the one who grows your food.!

We look forward to being your farmer, and exchanging ideas and learning from each other about ways to make sustainable living work or how we can support our local community. We consider it a privilege and a lot of fun to get to know and serve our customers.

Kathryn CannonWelcome to SRF!