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What’s the Difference? Plus, September Delivery Is Underway!

Delivery for Franklin, Spring Hill, Murfreesboro, and Columbia is this week. See below for the delivery schedule, and place your order soon!

What’s the Difference in a CSA and SRF’s Meat Share?

It’s your farm. Share. This is the perception we want to convey here at Southern Ridge Farm. We are, very simply, a farm family sharing our farm with you. We believe there are some differences here at our farm that separate what we offer—meat shares—from what is generally thought of as a meat CSA.

In a meat CSA, you typically join by paying upfront for six months at a time, taking delivery each month on an approximate, pre-determined amount of weight. Most farms will offer at least a couple different species, such as beef and pork, while others may offer something different such as chicken or lamb. The specific cuts of meat may vary according to what is available, and are chosen by the farm.

At Southern Ridge Farm, our meat share model has always been based on two unique factors—you choose your cuts, and you don’t pay a lot of money upfront. With over 130 different cuts, our inventory rivals Whole Foods or Kroger’s, and you get to choose from what we have available, of course. Using a model based on how much of any one cut is available from each animal, you can choose what you prefer. We don’t make that choice for you. As for large upfront payments, we prefer to have you pay for what you are buying each month and keep you as a share member by sharing our farm. More on that later.

So what exactly can you expect to find among your choices in one of our meat shares? Our grass fed beef is raised in lush pastures managed with rotational grazing; our pastured pork comes from a huge wooded lot stocked with plenty of grass, acorns, and roots. A neighboring family farm raises your chicken in bottomless pens that give access to plenty of fresh grass and bugs. Our animals are raised beyond organic, which means they are allowed to flourish in their own natural environments. They do not receive added hormones, GMO feed, or antibiotics that are required when animals live in crowded, unhealthy conditions.

To round out your choices of meat, we have partnered with other “farms” to provide you with healthy, sustainably harvested, wild caught seafood. We provide rainbow trout wild-raised from a grower in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina; salmon, halibut, and cod from Alaska, and shrimp from the Gulf Coast. All of these sources fish and package their own product. And there’s more! We also provide a selection of precooked meats such as summer sausage, hot dogs, and salamis—our clean, healthy meats are used in the recipes, so you can be confident of the food source.

When you become a share holder in our farm—a steakholder, we jokingly say—your membership is active as long as you place a custom share order at least every 60 days. For that loyalty, we want to share our farm withyou, literally. Our goal is to make our farm a place you want to come to for a visit, a stroll, a picnic, a movie night. (We’ve been working towards this for some time now, and have been interrupted by ramifications of the infamous COVID19, but we’re going to work with that.) We want there to be a sense of belonging here, where you are more than a guest, where we can exchange ideas and enjoy fellowship.

And we aren’t far away! Nestled in a small valley just below its southern ridge, we are located just 50 minutes from Nashville and are easily accessible from Franklin, Murfreesboro, Spring Hill, and Columbia.

Please visit our site to explore how your family can enjoy the most delicious, healthy, and affordable grass fed meat and wild caught seafood available in Tennessee. And, share us–please tell your friends and family about us, and make plans to come visit us at Southern Ridge Farm. Remember… It’s Your Farm. Share.

September Delivery Schedule

  • NASHVILLE, Richland Park Farmers Market: Saturday, September 12, 9 AM to Noon, 4711 Charlotte Avenue. (You may request an order for September 19!)
  • SPRING HILL: Thursday, September 17, 11:30 to Noon, Spring Hill City Hall
  • FRANKLIN: Thursday, September 17, 1:00 to 1:30, 4140 Carothers Parkway (next to Bargain Hunt)
  • MURFREESBORO, Murfreesboro Main Street Saturday Market: Saturday, September 19, 8 AM to Noon, Murfreesboro on the Square
  • COLUMBIA, Columbia Farmers Market: Saturday, September 19, 8 AM to Noon, 5th St. and Riverside Drive

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