Southern Ridge Farms CowAbout

Southern Ridge Farm is a 180 acre grass-fed meat farm located in the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee south of Nashville in Columbia, TN. We are a true family farm with all of our children engaged as principal operators in some aspect of the business. We currently sell grass-fed beef and lamb, with the addition of pork and pasture raised chicken coming soon.

Our goal is to be your local provider of healthy, tasty, nutritious farm products! We recognize the importance of knowing what goes into the food that we produce for our customers and we pride ourselves in supplying you with top quality products. Because we know that you place a high value on buying locally grown and traceable foods, we go the extra step to exceed your expectations.

We attempt to maximize the nutritional benefit in our foods through good management and all natural practices. Though we are not certified organic, we adhere to those standards and practices in all our growing and we think of Southern Ridge Farm as beyond organic. We use permaculture principles, ecological design, and a humane livestock raising philosophy.

All our animals have free range all day, every day, and they receive no pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, animal by-products, or herbicides… not on the pasture and not in their feed. We believe that because they are giving their lives for us, we owe it to them to see they lead happy, healthy, stress-free lives.