Here at Southern Ridge Farm, we raise them right! Our animals graze peacefully in open pasture and in wooded, shaded acreage, with access to plenty of drinking water from nearby natural water sources. It is an accepted thought that animals humanely raised in their natural environments produce a more robust food with great texture and superior taste. Our farming approach is a blend of time honored stewardship and modern sustainable techniques.

With your family, you want to eat right. You want the peace of mind knowing that you can have a safe and delicious food source for your family. Your own family farm, so to speak. We can give you that—healthy, delicious meats naturally raised without the use of added hormones, preservatives, or antibiotics. If integrity, nutrition, and taste are important to your family’s food, we invite you to try our products.

Our animals are raised here and processed locally under our attentive care at a USDA inspected facility so you can be sure of the integrity of Southern Ridge Farm’s products. We want you to be delightfully re-awakened by the rich flavor of real meat raised naturally. In the last couple of months before processing, we allow our cows a minimal amount of grain to provide a little marbling in the meat, which enhances its flavor. We never at any time take them out of their favorite environment, the pasture.

As your family farmer, we also reduce that long chain of handling poor quality meats from commercial producer to buyer to distributor to trucker to grocery store and finally the customer. You get the point—with this lifestyle it’s just you and your farmer.