Frequently Asked Questions

We deliver all year around, every month.

Most people think our grass-fed Angus beef is the best tasting, most tender, and lean meat they
have ever experienced. Our pigs are raised on pasture, plus local grown, non-gmo grains;
depending on the age of the pig they tend to have a little more fat – and a lot more flavor – than
what you typically find at the store. Our pastured chickens are much more flavorful.

Our seafood is the cleanest, freshest, most healthy seafood on the market. We work directly
with the fishermen so we know their practices of responsible, sustainable fishing ensures we are
getting the highest quality products. Our wild Alaska salmon comes from the only fisherman who
catches, processes, and ships their own fish, controlling the process all along the way. Our
rainbow trout employs cutting edge aquaculture practices to ensure the fish are clean and
healthy, and shipped fresh to us. Our gulf seafood come fresh off their boats, processed by
them, and shipped to us. Unlike grocery store seafood that lacks all traceability, none of our
seafood goes through brokers, distributors and is at the end of it’s shelf life when you get it.

Still have questions? Please contact us below and we’ll get right back to you.

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