Ordered for October? Plus, a Note about Points

We are mid-way through our Delivery Schedule for October. If you intend to pick up a meat share in Spring Hill, Franklin, Murfreesboro, or Columbia at the end of this week, please send in your order!

Using Your Points?

We’ve had a few members ask about how to redeem points when an order is placed. You earn points simply for signing up and placing an order as a new member, and with every Custom (member) share that is placed, you accumulate more. Your points can be redeemed on purchases made from the Lock, Stock & Barrel section of the shop. These are individually priced items that you can purchase over and above your shares.  Once you have your Custom share and at least one of these extra items in your cart, an option will appear in the message section of your cart that allows you to apply the points. So, in summary: you earn points every time you order a Custom share, and you can redeem the points on any item from our Lock, Stock & Barrel section.

October 2020 Delivery Schedule

  • NASHVILLE: Richland Park Farmers Market: Saturday, October 10, 9 AM to Noon, 4711 Charlotte Avenue. You may still order for October! Just specify which Saturday and we will bring it!
  • SPRING HILL: Thursday, October 15, 11:30 to Noon, Spring Hill City Hall
  • FRANKLIN: Thursday, October 15, 1:00 to 1:30, 4140 Carothers Parkway (next to Bargain Hunt)
  • MURFREESBORO: Murfreesboro Main Street Saturday Market: Saturday, October 17, 8 AM to Noon, Murfreesboro on the Square
  • COLUMBIA: Columbia Farmers Market: Saturday, October 17, 8 AM to Noon, 5th St. and Riverside Drive