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Vintage Steak (Order for November)

Taking November Meat Share orders for all locations!  Click here.

Vintage Steak, Worth the Wait

Steaks from older cows have become all the rage in the finest steak houses in Europe and America. The Spanish, who, it seems, we have to thank for this delicacy, simply call it “vaca vieja”, which literally means “old cow”. Here at Southern Ridge Farm, we call it Vintage Beef and we provide it in the form of Vintage NY Strips, Filet Mignon, and Tomahawk Steaks.

Rather than in Spain, your cows flourish on the lush green pastures and the gentle rolling hills of Middle Tennessee. Upwards of eight years old, these cows have been peacefully grazing on pastures containing over 150 different plant species, drinking from bubbling limestone springs, and lazing their afternoons away in shady creek bottoms. Like the bison who roamed these hills before them, their diet is all natural—they have never received grain and have never been exposed to herbicides, pesticides, or growth hormones. 

Season after season, these minimally managed older cows develop a rich and vibrant taste as a result of their ever changing, seasonally diverse diet. Vintage Beef looks different from younger, grain fed confinement beef. The color of these steaks is a deeper red owing to less marbling. You’ll also notice that the fat has a vibrant yellow tinge to it as a result of the high beta-carotene content they pick up from their diverse plant diet.

Steak aficionados and grilling experts have told us that our Vintage Steaks have a greater depth of flavor that is just not found in young animals. The meat and fat are not as sweet tasting, resulting in a much more “beefy” flavor. These unique steaks have a bold flavor like big red wine. And because they contain less marbling, they give a better “chew”, or, time in your mouth, to extract and enjoy the flavors. Low and slow is the rule of the day here—lower temperatures for a longer period of time.

Piqued your interest? Well, thankfully you don’t have to order from Spain—you can get your own version of Vintage Beef right here in Tennessee at Southern Ridge Farm. Check out these offerings and have them delivered to your local market.

November 2020 Delivery Schedule

  • NASHVILLE: Richland Park Farmers Market: Saturday, November 14, 8  to 10:30 AM, 4711 Charlotte Avenue. Abbreviated hours on the 14th–our daughter is getting married! If this window of time doesn’t work for you, for your convenience you can request delivery on another Saturday.
  • SPRING HILL: Thursday, November 19, 11:30 AM to Noon, Spring Hill City Hall
  • FRANKLIN: Thursday, November 19, 1:00 to 1:30 PM, 4140 Carothers Parkway (next to Bargain Hunt)
  • MURFREESBORO: Murfreesboro Main Street Saturday Market: Saturday, November 21, 10 to 10:30 AM, Murfreesboro on the Square
  • COLUMBIA: Columbia Farmers Market: Saturday, November 21, 10 AM to Noon, 5th St. and Riverside Drive


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