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Beef Brisket

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3.0-4.0 lbs, 4.0-5.0 lbs

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Weights on individual cuts are approximate.


While brisket has become the top choice for smoked beef aficionados, there are lots of ways to prepare this delicious cut of beef. Brisket has a great beefy taste but it really takes on the flavors of the ingredients you cook with it. While brisket is considered one of the lest tender cuts of beef, cooked slow and low, brisket becomes soft, juicy, and tender with incredible flavor.

How to Cook Beef Brisket:
Because brisket is technically a roast, the best methods for cooking are those that cook at lower temperatures for a longer period of time, such as braising and smoking. Brining is also an option, which will turn the piece of brisket into a corned beef. After the meat is cured in a brine, it is slowly simmered until tender.

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