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Wild Caught Fish & Seafood

Black Cod


  • Wild Caught        Black Cod – The Filet Mignon of the Sea!

Otherwise known as Sablefish, Black cod offers a rich buttery flavor, much more prominent than true cod. Black cod has a silky rich texture making each bite melt in your mouth.

Bristol Bay Alaska’s last independent fishermen & processors. Tony and his crew use sustainable fishing methods, (hooks and not dolphin catching nets), fish the tides so they bring in their catch twice a day, and flash freeze them in their own processing facility.

This is the most fresh, delicious, healthy, and sustainably & wild caught seafood that you can get in the lower 48! You just can’t buy anything like it in the grocery store, or online!

All of our seafood is caught and packaged by friends of ours. We’re no going through a broker or a fish market. These are family seafood “farmers” just like us.

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