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Bone-In Ribeye Steak

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0.8-1.25 lbs

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Weights on individual cuts are approximate.


The ribeye is considered the crown jewel of steaks. It has more internal marbling than any other steak, making it the most tender steak, with astounding flavor and a buttery smooth texture. And, leaving the bone in the steak offers heightened flavor and additional nutrition with every bite.

You’ll find our signature premium steaks to be beautifully marbled in contrast to traditional grass fed beef; and we do this by design. It’s the fat that gives beef its delicious flavor, and in the case of grass-fed beef, it’s where all the nutritional benefits are found. Omega-3, Beta carotene, CLA’s, and vitamins A, D, E and K make grass finished beef so good for you… and all those are found in beef FAT and NOT in lean muscle. So the next time you sit down with one of our premium steaks, don’t trim the fat away (the source of flavor & nutrition), mix a little bit of it with the lean portion and feast on the most delicious and healthy steaks you’ve ever experienced.

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