Deposit for Whole Hog (Bulk Pork)



($500 plus 2.75% credit surcharge)

What do I get with a whole hog?
Around 135-150 pounds of incredibly delicious pork, cut just the way you want it.

What’s the cost per pound?
You pay an incredible $6.00 per pound of take home pork—including about 15 pounds of bacon!

What’s the cost breakdown?
~$850-$900 depending on the size of the hog.

You pay no processing costs!

What makes our pork taste different from grocery store pork?
Unlike the lean, tasteless grocery store pork, our pastured hogs produce some of the best tasting and healthy pork you can find in middle Tennessee. The flavor comes from being raised on a 5 acre paddock that contains plenty of lush green pasture to graze as well as a dense woodlot with lots of savory plants to root up and eat. We top that off with a supplement of locally grown, non-gmo grains to produce well marbled, tender, juicy, and delicious pork. Our highly sought after pork is guaranteed to be the finest pork you’ve ever eaten.

Quick and Easy to Order…

  1. Pay deposit by card* or check**—$500 for hog. Deposit is required at time of order. Pay here with credit card or mail check to address below.
  2. Call the processor the day that we drop off your hog and they will walk you through the cut instructions. Your hog will be weighed and you will be notified of the balance to pay SRF based on the weight of your hog.
  3. In about 3 weeks, come to the farm to pick up your pork. Pay your balance to Southern Ridge Farm at pickup.

*a 2.75% card use fee applies
**Make check payable to Southern Ridge Farm, 1793 Theta Pike, Columbia, TN 38401.

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