Vintage Tomahawk Ribeye - Southern Ridge Farm

Vintage Tomahawk Ribeye

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1.0-1.4 lbs, 1.4-1.8 lbs, 1.8-2.2 lbs

Weights on individual cuts are approximate.


These delicious big steaks are fun to grill and make a fantastic presentation. Steaks from older cows have become all the rage in the finest steak houses in Europe and America. The Spanish give it the name “vaca vieja”. But here at Southern Ridge Farm, we like to think of our Vintage Beef as—a steak with a story.

Steak aficionados and grilling experts have told us that our Vintage Steaks have a greater depth of flavor that’s just not found in young animals. The meat and fat are not as sweet tasting, resulting in a much more “beefy” flavor. These unique steaks have a bold flavor like big red wine. And because they contain less marbling, they give a better “chew” or time in your mouth to extract and enjoy the flavors.

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