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Our Meat CSA

Nashville Area’s Top Choice for All Natural Grass Fed Meat
Local, monthly delivery

$85 per Month 12 lbs of meat

Only $7/lb


We offer you beef, pork, and chicken that’s raised on
our family farm in Columbia TN.

Your Choices

And you can add seafood to your monthly order!

Tennessee’s Biggest CSA Selection of Wild
and All Natural Seafood

We don’t raise it —
but we’ve partnered
with the best “farmers” who do.

Our Partners:

~Wild Alaska, Salmon and Seafood Co
~Cool Fish Seafood Market
~Sunburst Trout Farms

More about seafood

What makes us unique:

Here’s why Southern Ridge Farm has the best meat CSA in Tennessee.


You get to choose what cuts you want each month.


Over 100 total cuts to choose from—beef, pork, chicken, and seafood


Go online each month and choose exactly what you want from our inventory and we deliver it to you.


$85/mo. for 12 lbs. = $7/lb


You only pay one month in advance and $85 for your first pickup—that’s just $170 to start!


It’s okay to pick up every other month or skip a month—stop whenever you want. Or, double your share! The point is, customize your pickups to the quantity your family eats.


Choose from wild caught Alaska salmon, Appalachian natural raised rainbow trout, and wild caught gulf shrimp.


We deliver in Nashville, Franklin, Thompson’s Station, Spring Hill, Columbia, and Murfreesboro. Or, you can pick up at the farm.


Our meat is USDA processed by Yoder Brothers Meat in Paris, TN. Your meat comes frozen, vacuum sealed, and labeled. Yoder Brothers is family owned and operated.

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Ribeye steak, NY Strip steak,Top Sirloin steak, Sirloin Tip steak, Hanger steak, Inner Skirt steak, Outer Skirt steak, Flank steak, Tenderized Round steak, Sirloin Tip roast, Round roast, Rump roast, Chuck roast, Shoulder roast, Brisket roast, Tri-tip roast, Kabobs, Fajita strips, Stew meat, Short ribs, Osso Buco, Cheek meat, Tongue, Liver, Heart, Marrow bones, Knuckle bones, Beef soup bones, Oxtail


Pork Chops, Boston Butt roast, Picnic/shoulder roast, Pork cutlets, Spare ribs, Fresh ham roasts, Fresh ham steaks, Osso Buco, Lard, Pork bones


Regular sugar cured side bacon, Jowl bacon, Collar bacon, Cottage bacon, Bacon ends, Beef bacon, Beef
bacon ends.


Whole Chickens, Half chicken, Chicken thigh/leg quarters, Chicken wings, Whole-cut up.

Ground beef:

Ground beef (80:20), Ground chuck (85:15), Ground round (90:10), Ground sirloin (95:15), Ground beef patties, Ground chuck patties, Ground round patties, Ground sirloin patties, Ground beef with bacon, Ground beef w/ bacon patties, Ground breakfast sausage—Mild, Medium & Hot.

Ground Pork and Pork Sausages:

Ground breakfast—Mild, Medium & Hot, Breakfast links, Hickory smoked ground and links, Andouille ground and links, Cajun ground and links, Italian ground and links, Chorizo ground and links, Kielbasa ground and links, Frankfurter links, Irish Banger links, Debreziner links, Ground Pork, Pork Brats, Pork Brats w/ cheese, Pork Brats w/ cheese and jalapeño.

Beef Sausages:

Breakfast links, Hickory smoked ground and links, Andouille ground and links, Cajun ground and links, Italian ground and links, Chorizo ground and links, Kielbasa ground and links, Frankfurter links, Irish Bangers, Beef Brats, Beef Brats w/ cheese, Beef Brats w/ jalapeño and cheese.


Alaska Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon fillets, Pacific cod, Minced salmon. Rainbow trout fillets, Gulf shrimp.

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Where to meet us…

We have nine different delivery locations to serve you. Please find the one that best fits your schedule and location. You will be asked to choose one upon signup.

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