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A Favorite Farm Photo; A Quick Reminder

Your quick reminder first: It is August Meat Share delivery time!

We still have space to take more orders to Richland Park Farmers Market on Saturday, August 8. If you’d like to pick up a share, you’ve got roughly 18 hours as of this writing to order: deadline is extended to NOON tomorrow, August 7! More deliveries are being made to other areas next week, see below. We are featuring Osso Buco this month, along with Coarse Ground Beef–head on over to the shop and place your order!

A Favorite Photo. Sunday mornings before church is a favorite time for Keith to take a walk on the farm. He’s usually got a mug of tea with him, and no particular place to go, but he can’t help himself and gravitates towards the animals. He returned from his walk on this particular morning and told me how he noticed the pigs all napping in a row and he decided to sneak up on them and snap a couple shots. As he tossed his phone down, he shrugged and said, “I don’t know, maybe there’s one on there you can use.” What?!? I LOVE this picture! It went on Instagram immediately, of course.

But not before I cropped it, and today I remembered what’s not in the above picture. So, below is the full photo story–one lone pig sleeping off to the side. Did he snore too loud to sleep with the others? Did they roll around too much so he had to move away to get a good night’s sleep? Who knows? It’s not a perfect world. But I still love the photo.

August Delivery Schedule

  • NASHVILLE, Richland Park Farmers Market: Saturday, August 8, 9 AM to Noon, 4711 Charlotte Avenue
  • SPRING HILL: Thursday, August 20, 11:30 to Noon, Spring Hill City Hall
  • FRANKLIN: Thursday, August 20, 1:00 to 1:30, 4140 Carothers Parkway (next to Bargain Hunt)
  • MURFREESBORO, Murfreesboro Main Street Saturday Market: Saturday, August 15, 8 AM to Noon, Murfreesboro on the Square
  • COLUMBIA, Columbia Farmers Market: Saturday, August 15, 8 AM to Noon, 5th St. and Riverside Drive
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