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If I Ran the Farm: Oh Yeah, the Sheep


Three days left and they’ll be back. I really need them to come back—I realized that when my first thought of the day, after I’d glanced at myself in the mirror, was that the cows would think my hair was a huge mess. We are getting too close.

My outside chores are minimal today because all of the hay was replenished yesterday. Only the second in line calves needed any attention, and they came right away when I poured their grain in their trough.

I was slightly surprised and a tad disappointed to see that the sheep, who had stayed in that center pasture all week, were out and straying around a little. Each time I glanced around for them when I went outside, or visually located them as I drove down the driveway, I was thankful that I hadn’t had to do that the whole week. They didn’t roam far at all. In four days some of them would be going to the processor, and I had hoped they would stay in their pasture so that we wouldn’t have too much trouble getting them into the working pens. Oh well. At least all the previous days of no-stress-sheep-watching had been a blessing.


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