It’s the best you’ll find, and we guarantee it!

Our meat share program (or, you may be more familiar with the term, CSA) has been what sets Southern Ridge Farm apart for almost 20 years. And this is the reason that our customers rank SRF as one of the most trusted sources of pasture raised meat available today.

We stake our reputation on the fact that our meat share program is unlike any other program out there—and we guarantee that!

Selection.  Over 130 different cuts, more than any other meat share around.  

You Choose the Cuts.  You choose the cuts you want included in your monthly share, not like other programs where the farmer selects your cuts. 

Variety.  Beef, pork, chicken, cooked and cured meats, deli meats, and charcuterie — a greater selection of local, pasture raised meat than WholeFoods, Sprouts, and chain super markets. 

Wild Caught Seafood.  Alaska salmon, Appalachian Rainbow trout, and Alabama Gulf shrimp. We know these family fishermen personally and recommend them as the best source of “boat to fork” sustainable seafood available anywhere in the US.

Cooked and Cured Meat.  Salami, charcuterie, deli meat, snack sticks, jerky, summer sausage, smoked sausages, and much more. We’re the only farm in Tennessee that offers such a large variety of cooked and cured meats made from meat raised on our farm.

On-Farm Butcher Shop.  Our butcher shop, opening fall of 2021, offers fresh meat and all of our cooked and cured meats. 

Farm Store and Restaurant.  Find all of our products in our farm store, grab something from the deli, and make reservations for an exclusive, Chef’s Table dinner featuring fine dining on local foods and drinks. 

Locally Raised and Processed.  All meat comes from animals raised on our farm. Did you know that 80% of meat labeled Grass-Fed and sold in US chain grocery stores is born, raised, harvested, and partially butchered in countries outside the US? It’s true! And don’t let the little sticker on the package that says “Product of USA” fool you. All that means is that at least one cut was made on it here in the USA. 

Grass Fed & Pasture Raised.  Our livestock spends their entire lives in the pasture with access to grass and hay. Did you know that much of the beef labeled “Grass-Fed” comes from confinement raised cows, cows finished in stock yards and fed grass pellets with no access to roam on pastures?

Price.  We are far less expensive than any of the big online companies who ship to your home. In fact, you’ll find that many of our products are less expensive than chain super markets.

Member Discounts.  Purchase over $109 to receive membership discounts of 5%-25% per cut.  

No Subscriptions, Contracts, or Up Front Fees.  Only pay for what you order that month. No up-front fees to join, and no subscriptions or contract requirements to pick up each month, and no penalty if you don’t pick up.

Free Home Delivery.  Free home delivery on orders over $200, and $9.50 delivery fee on orders between $100 and $200 to our delivery areas. 

Convenient Pickup Locations.  Pickup locations in Nashville, Franklin, Spring Hill, Murfreesboro, Columbia, and on our farm. We also have a pickup location in Evansville, IN. 

Available all year round.  Cold weather doesn’t stop us, get your meat share all year round. 

A Piece of the Farm.  It’s more than just a place to buy quality meat; when you join our meat share program you get a share of the farm. We invite you to experience the farm, to develop a sense of shared values and shareholder interest in the farm. We want you to think of Southern Ridge Farm as a place where you can come and linger, a place where life slows down and you can experience farm life, get to know your farmers, see the animals up close, share a meal, picnic along shady creeks, stay for movie night, make new friends, and build community with like minded folks. Does WholeFoods or ButcherBox offer that? I don’t think so! 

Negative Carbon Footprint.  We combine time honored stewardship and modern sustainable farming practices to provide your family with the most healthy and delicious, all natural, pasture raised beef, pork, and poultry. Unlike most farms, the Permaculture methods we use at SRF actually renew the land by building up more topsoil and sequestering carbon deep in the soil. 

Animal Welfare.  Our livestock management philosophy is really simple—let cows be cows, and pigs be pigs. Always on pasture, our livestock is minimally handled to reduce stress, never confined, vaccinated, given growth hormones, GMO grain, or exposed to pesticides or herbicides. 

Beyond Organic.  We use the term “beyond organic” to describe our farming philosophy. The USDA label “Organic” can be very misleading, allowing for “Organic” cows, pigs, and chickens that can be raised without ever going outside their confinement barns! Our livestock are raised as naturally as an animal can be — outdoors in open pastures or woodlots, getting plenty of sunshine, exercise, and clean water. Don’t be fooled by the “Organic” label—buy “beyond organic”. 

Keep it Local.  Buying from SRF supports a multi-generational family farm and keeps money in your own local economy, which ends up helping the community you live in. 

Our Challenge & Our Guarantee 

You just looked at 20 reasons why Southern Ridge Farm is recognized as having the best meat share program available. We are so confident of that distinction that we offer a guarantee. 

So here’s our customer challenge: If you find a meat share program that offers more benefits than ours, you have our promise that we’ll work with you, in every way we can, to provide you with a better product. 

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