Secure a safe, healthy, plentiful, and delicious meat supply for your family!

In light of the current panic buying and hoarding of groceries, we are opening up space to add 100 new monthly meat shares so that you can mitigate one of the concerns facing you in these uncertain times.

We have three months of inventory safely put away in our freezers, meat being processed at the USDA butcher, and enough cows and pigs grazing in the pasture to fill your meat needs for the months to come.

When your supply chain consists of you, your farmer, and the processor, things are less complicated to get good food to your door. If you have any friends or family who are experiencing trouble buying meat, please let them know we can help.

As always, we thank you for your support of our family farm. We all need each other and we appreciate the community we have with you all.

42 Remaining NEW Meat Share Openings

Customized Farm Shares

Become a Share Holder!

Purchasing any Subscription Share gives you Share Holder (Membership) status. Being a Share Holder of Southern Ridge Farm makes you and your family a part of our community. In addition to being able to fully customize your share, you can enjoy such benefits as access to our best prices and cuts, free admission and discounts at Farm Day events, Share Holder only add-ons in the shop, the broadest selection of products, and more.

When you become a Share Holder, you pick your delivery location and then select the cuts you’d like. You can customize your share differently each month. You remain a Share Holder as long as you continue to purchase Subscription Shares.

Curated Shares

No subscription, non-member shares that we pack for you.

These Curated Shares have been designed to emphasize variety and flavor. We’ve taken the best of the farm and created delicious shares for all seasons and reasons.

No subscription necessary! Buy one or more, buy a different share each month. It’s up to you.

Lock, Stock, & Barrel

Add-ons for Custom Share Holders only!  If you want to add items to your subscription shares or just try something new, order from the products below. Customizing your order has never been easier.

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