Customized Farm Shares

Become a Share Holder!

Purchasing any Subscription Share gives you Share Holder (Membership) status. Being a Share Holder of Southern Ridge Farm makes you and your family a part of our community. In addition to being able to fully customize your share, you can enjoy such benefits as access to our best prices and cuts, free admission and discounts at Farm Day events, Share Holder only add-ons in the shop, the broadest selection of products, and more.

When you become a Share Holder, you pick your delivery location and then select the cuts you’d like. You can customize your share differently each month. You remain a Share Holder as long as you continue to purchase Subscription Shares.

Farmer’s Market Custom

Give your family a taste of the whole farm with our most popular share. Select this share as-is or customize it with over 100 substitution choices.


Regular Price $120.00

Mega Custom Share

Double your share!

Simply make your selections below and we will double them. What’s better than ONE steak? Two of course!

Our Mega Custom Share is the BEST PRICE PER POUND you will find in the shop.

Shopping for a large family? No problem, this Share will provide an abundant supply of beef, pork, chicken and/or fish for the entire month.

Give your family a taste of the whole farm, select this share as-is or customize it with over 100 substitution choices.

Regular Price $225.00

Seafood Custom Share

From the wilds of Alaska, to the cool streams of Appalachia, all the way to the warm gulf shores, your seafood share contains the absolute best available fish in the nation. These family owned business actually catch and process the seafood for you using sustainable practices. Take the share as-is for a Wild and delicious variety of cuts, or customize it to add a little bit of Tennessee to your meals.

Regular Price $109.00

Small Sampler Custom

We’ve designed this share as the perfect choice for smaller families and value shoppers. Build your monthly meal plan around these terrific cuts of beef and chicken or get creative with over 50 substations and build your dream share.

Regular Price $99.00

Variety Custom Share

A delicious balance of our most popular beef cuts makes meal planning a snap with this share. The substitutions were selected to give you the flexibility to prepare big family meals, satisfy the grill master, and to just the right choices for a romantic meal for two.


Regular Price $109.00

Curated Shares

No subscription, non-member shares that we pack for you.

These Curated Shares have been designed to emphasize variety and flavor. We’ve taken the best of the farm and created delicious shares for all seasons and reasons.

No subscription necessary! Buy one or more, buy a different share each month. It’s up to you.

Free Range Pastured


17.5 lb., $90.00, 80 Servings, $1.13/ Serving

2 Whole Chickens

2 Leg Thigh Quarters

1 pack wings

1 half chicken

Regular Price $90.00
Out of stock

Grass-fed Grill Sampler

Ribeye 1.33 lb.

New York Strip (2) 1.33 lb.

Sirloin (2) 1.3 lb. 

Denver Steak 1.3 lb. 

Pork Chops (2) 1.3 lb.

Regular Price $85.00
Out of stock

Ground Beef Variety

12 lb. (48 Servings, $1.77/Serving)

Ground (Sirloin) 90:10 lean 1 lb.
Ground (Round) 85:15 lean 2 lb.
Ground Chuck, 80:20 lean 4 lb.
Ground Chuck Patties (4/lb.) 1 lb.
Ground Seasoned Sausage 2 lb.
Ground Italian Seasoned Sausage 1 lb.
Ground Breakfast Sausage (mild) 1 lb. 

Regular Price $85.00

Special Surf and

Approximately 5 lb. (26 servings, $3.27/Serving)


Filet Mignon ~1 lb. (Two 8 oz. steaks)
Premium Steak, approximately 1 lb.
Gulf Shrimp, 1 lb. (Large, peeled and deveined)
Rainbow Trout Fillets, 1 lb. (Two 8 oz. fillets)
Sockeye Salmon Fillets,  two 6 oz. portions

Regular Price $85.00

Lock, Stock, & Barrel

Add-ons for Custom Share Holders only!  If you want to add items to your subscription shares or just try something new, order from the products below. Customizing your order has never been easier.

Beef Specialty Cuts

Regular Price $9.00$27.63


Regular Price $13.75$23.75

Cooked and Cured

Regular Price $7.00$14.00

Ground Beef

Regular Price $7.50$8.25

Pork Sausage &

Regular Price $6.50$7.50

Pork Specialty Cuts

Regular Price $9.00$32.00
Out of stock

Premium Cut

Regular Price $9.00$22.50


Regular Price $4.85$30.00

Thick Cut Pork

These come two to a package, which weighs approximately 1.25 pounds and sells for $11.25 per package. For a limited time, we are offering these for $10.00 per package if you order five.

Or you can order 5 packs to get the ultimate discount. (Limit 2, 5 packs per customer).

Regular Price $11.25$50.00

Coarse Ground Beef

This is a customer favorite!

Maximum two pounds per customer.



Regular Price $7.50

Osso Buco

Per order:

  • 1-2 pieces (depending on the size of each piece)
  • Total weight ~ 2.5 to 3 pounds.

Maximum two orders per customer.



Regular Price $22.00
Out of stock

Vintage New York

Dry-aged 21 days, ~8 to 10 oz.

These steaks come from cows that are between 6-12 years old and produce a unique, bold flavor, like big red wine. The fat is not as sweet tasting and, because they contain less marbling, they give a better chew—or, time in your mouth—to extract and enjoy the flavor.

Regular Price $14.00