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Southern Ridge Farm is a multi-generational farm located in the beautiful rolling hills of middle Tennessee. Our livestock work hard all day long, never confined, as they use their muscles to move over 225 acres of woodlots and lush green pastures, drinking from limestone artesian springs, and resting along shady creek banks—following the same patterns as the elk and bison who roamed these hills before them.

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The meat industry is full of misleading labels complete with deceiving information making it difficult to know what meat is truly raised and processed locally. In US chain grocery stores, 80% of meat labeled Grass-Fed is actually born, raised, harvested, and partially butchered in countries outside of the US.

We believe in the right to knowing where your meat is sourced from which is why you can place your full confidence in Southern Ridge Farms and trust that all of our meat comes from animals raised on our beautiful 225 acre farm. 

Top quality, nutritious meat can only come from livestock with the ability to spend their lives in pastures and enjoy abundant access to plentiful grass and hay. Oftentimes beef labeled Grass-Fed comes from cows who have never grazed on a fruitful pasture and are raised in stress-inducing confinement where they are fed grass pellets and finished in stockyards. In addition the the numerous health benefits and sustainability, enjoy the deliciously rich flavors that grass fed, pasture raised meat has to offer when choosing Southern Ridge Farms. 

Reasonable pricing is has always been a priority of Southern Ridge Farm. We have strategically aligned our pricing with the quality of meat you receive while remaining lower in cost than many competitors including some of those found in chain super markets.

Choosing to eat all-naturally should never feel like an inconvenience. To avoid enabling any hesitations in making more health-conscious, environmentally friendly decisions, we operate with a model that requires no up-front fees to join and no subscriptions or contract requirements. There are also no penalties if your order is not picked up. 

In our effort to make our meat as accessible as possible, we offer pick up at six cities: Nashville, Franklin, Spring Hill, Murfreesboro, Columbia and Evansville, IN.

If you choose to have your order delivered, enjoy free delivery on all orders over $200. Orders between $100-$200 are subject to a $9.50 delivery fee..

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Free Home Delivery for all orders over $200.

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All meat comes from animals raised on our farm in Tennessee.
All meat comes from animals raised on our farm. Did you know that 80% of meat labeled Grass-Fed and sold in US chain grocery stores is born, raised, harvested, and partially butchered in countries outside the US? It’s true! And don’t let the little sticker on the package that says “Product of USA” fool you. All that means is that at least one cut was made on it here in the USA.